The Prayer

The Prayer
 After finishing the repetitions we say, “La ilahe illallahu vahdehula serikeleh lehul mulku ve lehul hamdu ve huve ala kulli sey’in kadir” that means “There is no God but Allah c.c.; nothing is equivalent to Allah and nothing can be associated to him; everything and all material wealth belongs to Allah c.c.  Moreover, all gratitude or Hamd belongs to Allah.”
 Allah is the most powerful (the name Kadir).
  Afterwards, we recite “Allahummahsurna fi zumratissalihin” that means “Please dear Allah place us among  those who have been saved (Salih Kuls);” this is a plea whereby we ask that Allah allows those he has saved and are sacred to Him to befriend and guide us such that we may be with them in the hereafter.  InshAllah u teala c.c. grants us a pure heart and the adequate wisdom to enable us to fully comprehend this phrase.     
 We then perform, in whatever manner we wish, our individual and personal prayer whereby we express our own individual concerns to Allah teala c.c.
 We can also repeat the prayers, we inherited from our sweet prophet Hz. Muhammad Mustafa (sav). Then, we repeat the last sura Fatiha in order to finish our salat.