Semi Allahu Limen Hamiden

Semi Allahu Limen Hamiden 
 When we return to the standing position, we repeat the phrase “Semi Allahu limen hamideh” forty times which means “Allahu teala c.c. clearly hears all of His creatures praises, including the praises from human beings.”
 It should be noted that a human being’s praise of Allah is actually Allah’s c.c. praise to Allah c.c.
 It is heedless to repeat this phrase from one’s ego since it creates a duality that in turn becomes one’s poisonous food.   
 When one reaches the state of Insan-i Kamil, one looses oneself, thus becoming nothing.  It is during this stage that one surrenders the physical body to the Owner of all and from whom it was borrowed. 
 This is the reason why any phrase recited during this stage originates with Hakk and is heard by Hakk.  
 Furthermore, it is during this level of knowledge, Insani-i Kamil, that Hakk praises Hakk since no one else could possibly remember to praise Hakk as appropriately and adequately as Hakk.