Essalatu hayrun minen-nevm

  “Essalatu hayrun minen-nevm”
 This phrase, which was added to the official call for the morning salat, means “Salat is more important than sleep.”
 The second meaning it has for humanity is as follows:  “Try to escape delusions; do not be a sleeper; be more cautious with your life. Do not discard the things you have learned thus far, and try to wake-up now before the Angel of Death comes to your door.” 
 Whoever attempts to understand what is stated above is already trying to wake-up.
 The warning at this point is intended to try to keep that person awake.  InshaAllah, Allah c.c. helps us all.  After understanding all the previous statements, such as Sahadahs, Salats, Felahs, it will be easier to understand the upcoming tekbirs.