Hayye ale’s-salah

  “Hayye ale’s-salah”
 When we reach this point, there is a verbal invitation, “Come to salat.”  Thus farm the invitation was hidden in words, but now, the invitation is officially verbalized.
 “Come to prayer.” literally means “Come to SALAT.”   Nevertheless, as discussed earlier, prayer and salat do not have the same meaning, and the same difficulty encountered when “Allahu Akbar” is translated into “Allah is the greatest” is encountered here.
 When we refer to this as prayer, it usually only represents the physical movements of salat; however, salat is composed of different mertebes or levels and different stations or makams. The first repetition of the phrase “Hayye ale’s-salat” refers to the physical aspect. The second repetition of “Hayye ale’s-salat” refers to the true salat and encompasses all of its meanings.
 We can only reply to this invitation by going to the mosque first and then by taking part in salat spiritually by leaving the self behind.
 Whereas human beings may be able to enter the doors of a mosque easily, they cannot open the doors to their own selves as easily.  They assume that they are being themselves, but regrettably, they are not.  They can open the door to any and all mosques accessible to them and accomplish the first step; however, the most important part is to experience salat both physically and spiritually  This is the reason why the phrase has to be repeated twice; once for the visible world and the other for the hidden side of it.   
 It is obvious these days that there are different groups in Islam.  Some only believe in performing salat physically and ignore the spiritual undertakings.  Others believe that they do not necessarily have to perform salat physically because salat only goes to the sincerity and belief within the heart.  Moreover, some so-called spiritual teachers live deluded because they assume they are living in a universe of meanings beyond the physical world and that by meditating and having a clean heart it is sufficient to get closer to Hakk.
 Unfortunately, if actions are not taken to meet Hakk’s obligations, no one anywhere or in any station will be granted permission to achieve closeness to Hakk. 
 By not performing the responsibilities of the first level, they will not be able to eventually reach the second level.
 Consequently, they become confused and spend their lives trying to get out of that confusion rather than continuing to travel along the only sacred journey toward Hakk.
 We must first experience both, the physical and spiritual parts, in order to be able to reach our designated destination in this journey.  If we ignore any of these two states we will not be able to make it.