Timetable for Daily Obligatory Salats and Other Suggested Salats

 Timetable for Daily Obligatory Salats and Other Suggested Salats 
 Before it was obligatory for Muslims to pray five times a day, they faced toward Jerusalem (Kud-su Serif) to pray twice a day.   
 Sixteen months after Hz. Mohammed Mustafa’s (sav) migration to Medina, (Hicret) Hegira took place, and it was on the evening of this day that Hz. Mohammed (sav) experienced Miraj and the obligatory Salat was instituted and finalized.
 The specific events and dialogue that took place were as follows:  First, Cenab-i Allah c.c., the night of Mir’ac, ordered Hz. Mohammed Mustafa (sav) fifty times for salat a day.  Afterwards, when Mohammed was returning from his journey, he encountered the soul of Hz. Moses (as).
 Hz. Moses (as) asked;
 -What happened?
 Hz. Mohammed (sav) replied:
 -Allah c.c. has instructed me that I have an obligation to perform Salat fifty times per day.
 Hz. Moses (as) said:
 - I have more experience in understanding of humanity than you do, and yet I have struggled greatly with the state of Israel in order for them to understand and obey me.  Human beings, however, are too idle to carry out Salat so many times, and this is the reason I suggest for you to ask Rabb for some relieve to this obligation.
 Hz. Mohammed (sav) said:
 - I turned to Allah c.c. and begged for forgiveness and relief.  Allah u teala c.c. reduced the number of Salat to forty times per day.  I then went back and forth between Allah c.c. and Hz. Moses (as) reiterating the same.  Finally, Allah c.c. concluded that humanity’s obligation was to perform Salat five times per day.  Additionally, Allah c.c enlightened me with the knowledge that each Salat will be accompanied by ten good deeds that in the aggregate will total fifty times per day, depending on the individual’s sincerity.