After repeating: “Rabbena lekel hamd” and ALLAH u AKBAR, we go into prostration, and when done sincerely and from the heart an enormous accomplishment takes place; otherwise, we cheat ourselves in delusion. In fact, prostration must be heartfelt and this is its most significant aspect.
 In one rakat every movement is performed once, except prostration that is performed twice.  In the course of one day, there are approximately 80 rekat-salats and at least 240 repetitions of  “Subhane rabbiyel ala.” 
 During prostration we express our nothingness by accepting Allah’s c.c. perfection, and if counting closely, it is observed that this is the third time we accept and acknowledge Allah’s perfection and almightiness. 
  “Vescud vakterib”  “Nay, heed him not, but prostrate in adoration, and bring thyself the closer(to Allah)” , [Sura Alak from The Koran96/19.], We should comply with this demand, by following through the steps mentioned above in a precise way
 Prostration is performed twice.  During the first prostration we surrender our physical body and the false self or ego, thus when we prostrate the second time, we do so with our true and pure selves.  It is during the stage of prostration that we are liberated from our ego and connect with our true selves – the stage of nothingness.