Rabbena lekel hamd

Rabbena lekel hamd
 After standing up and going into prostration we recite “Rabbena lekel hamd” forty times, and while meditating on this phrase, we must do so with much awareness.  “Rabbena lekel hamd” means “All our praise is only for you dear God (Rabb).” 
 If we are unable to reach the Truth on our journey to Hakk, we might develop and start believing imaginary ideas of the Creator. 
 A sincere prostration, on the other hand, should be performed solely for Allah c.c.’s sake. 
 The prophet named Yusuf (as) asked his friends when they were coming out of jail by posing the question as follows: “Ya sahibessieni e erbabun muteferrikune hayrun emillahul vahidul kahhar” ( sura Joseph 12/39 from Holy Koran)
  “Oh my two companions of the prison! I ask you: are many Lords differing among themselves better, or Allah the One, Supreme and Irresistible?”  This question served to put his friends then, and today, it places us on notice. 
 Thus far, we have mentioned three times that the only way to direct our praise is to Allah c.c.  In the upcoming chapters, we will explore the concept of praise in more depth, inshaAllah.