After completing the Sura Zammi, it is time for the next position called Ruku in which we bend forward.  
 Everyday we go into this position forty times and repeat “Subhane rabbiyel Azim” at least 120 times.  “Subhane rabbiyel Azim.” means “My dear Almighty (Rabb) I acknowledge your perfection and greatness.” 
 When we recite the first Sura Subhaneke we accept His perfection, and the second time we recite it, we are acknowledging it; it is Allah c.c. recognizing Allah c.c.
 When 0 is discarded from the number 120, the remaining 12 represents the total number of steps or levels necessary for the improvement of human knowledge while on the path to Hakk; seven steps involve destroying the self and five the steps of Hazrats. 
 This is the reason why one should perform this acknowledgment as deeply as one’s level of comprehension permits.